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TDC Team New for 2012
(Our team tennis format)

Overview: We'll place you on a team of 4-5 players who on Saturday mornings meet up with another team to play our team format. Each week during the 6 week season there will be 4 singles and 2 doubles matches will be played. The regular season will be followed up by a playoffs where all the teams will qualify for the inaugural season. All matches will be 8 game pro-sets, so that the commitment is limited to about 2 hours. Matches for the first season will be NoVA based.

Spring Season Start: Sat. April 28th, 10AM start time* and will run for 6 weeks, with an extra week for rain out. Playoff lengths will depend upon # of teams that qualify. No more than 16 teams and 4 weeks.

Enrollment is Open: You need to go thru the join page to enroll: Join-today.
The first enrollment deadline is Wednesday, April 18th.
This will give new teams a Saturday to have a pre-season team hit around on Sat. April 21st.
The second and final deadline will be Wednesday, April 25th.
This program will not have any late enrollment.

Cost: $25 per player. Team captains play for free. But, will need to pay and we'll reimburse.

How will teams be formed?: League admin will create teams from the roster of the players who are enrolled, like in a draft. Each team will have players from various levels on it (for example, A-level, B-level, C, etc.). Each team will have at least 1 female player (preferably two). Each team will have 5 players on it to ensure that 4 players will be available for each match. We anticipate having an extensive sub list to help when more than one teammate can't make a certain week. We will attempt to honor requests for a particular teammate, but will not accept a full team for this first season.
We still need subs for the current season, let us know if you can play on Sat mornings in No. VA
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Format: 4 singles matches start the match up. The captains will order their singles players from A to D and match them up with their opponents A thru D players. For the singles match, at least 1 player per team must be female.** These matches will be 8 game pro sets, where a tie-breaker is played for the match at 7-7. Upon completion of these matches, two doubles matches (A & B) will be played where once again at least one of the players needs to be a Women player.

Team Scoring: The winner of each match will be assigned a team point. 6 points are up for grabs. If the two teams are tied at 3 points then the tie-breaker will be the team with the best game score. If they are still tied then the match will be called a tie.

TNE Suggested Locations for Matches
Big Note: We are NOT going to rely on the tennis clubs to play these matches, so we are going to avoid a significant cost. But, we're also going to be at the whim of the weather. There's a strong chance that several matches won't be able to be played at the Sat morning time set aside. The captains should be in contact with each other to try to schedule an alternative time or maybe play indoors. By April, the indoor court costs do come down a bit. If this option is chosen than the players will be expected to cover the court costs. We will have at least one extra week on the season for rain outs.

Player's Expectation: To be part of this program, you should want to be part of a fun tennis team format and meet new people who love tennis. 'Winner take all type' players need not apply. You also need to be flexible and be comfortable with meeting up at any of the courts suggested. The league will try it's best to have a North and South Division which will greatly reduce the travel times for players.

Captain's Expectation: You are the heart-beat of the team. Your job will be to be in contact with your team and maybe even set up a time to meet up before the first match. On Thursday you should be in contact with the other captain and have the location picked out. You should also know who won't be able to make it, and fill any team needs you have by using the sub list. Captains will also be expected to bring 4 NEW cans ($15) of balls to each match and will have 'collect ball' dues from their team. Winning team takes home the 4 un-opened can of balls. Doubles matches will use the singles matches balls.

Refund Policy: We can't provide the one-week money back guarantee for this product as when we place you in a team you are an essential part of that team. If you drop from the team than we'll need to find a free replacement for your spot. So refund policy is only available up until final team creation day on Wednesday, April 25th.



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