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Testimonials from TennisDC and Tennis League Network players

Member Since 10/27/16
It is a fun way to meet new people...
H. Pan
Member Since 08/13/16
Our first match was a fun, friendly way to get outside and get some exercise as well as play on courts we would not know existed.
K. Mitchell
Member Since 03/19/16
It was great experience with TennisDC playing for the first time. Thanks for providing opportunity to play with various players. I am thoroughly enjoying it and referring my other hitting buddies.
C. Korukonda
Member Since 02/19/16
Fantastic experience joining the league and ladder -- online signup was a piece of cake. It's also been a breeze finding partners. I've played four matches in my first week!
P. Hemady
Member Since 09/29/15
Coming from Atlanta your service made it easy to get involved. Thanks to your listing of courts I see it's possible to play tennis for free in DC. I’ve met some wonderful people.
T. Waters
Member Since 09/23/15
Thanks again for running the Tennis DC League, it is an amazing service, very well organized, and really got me out to the courts.
M. Azeredo
Member Since 08/23/15
The most fun I've had playing tennis in over ten years!
K. Rubinfeld
Member Since 04/24/14
My experience with TennisDC is very good so far. I had chance to meet bunch of new players and personalities.
A. Kilic
Member Since 09/19/13
Getting back into tennis after many, many years away and played first match just days after joining late in season- great system.
S. Sampath
Member Since 02/24/13
TennisDC is by far the most fun and rewarding tennis experience I've ever had. Top-notch organization and great players. My game improved more in my first TennisDC season than in the previous 5 years!
R. Fox
Member Since 12/18/12
I've really enjoyed my first season in the league. Friendly, honest players. Most people stick around to chat after the match and offer feedback or suggest other players to play against.
J. Lawrence
Member Since 10/05/12
Great for meeting partners at your level, competitive but more importantly fun, wish I had joined years ago!!
J. Ocampo
Member Since 08/17/12
It's super fun to play with fellow tennis enthusiast in the area!!
V. Lau
Member Since 06/15/12
This league is great! I have played more tennis than any other year. Some weeks I have played 6 matches in a week and 2 matches in one day.
J. Heuwinkel
Member Since 05/17/12
TennisDC consistently introduces me to other individuals both enthusiastic about scheduling matches and gracious on the court regardless of the outcome. Michael
M. Grace
Member Since 05/17/12
Even though I've lost most of my matches, I've enjoyed playing with Tennis DC in Summer 2014. Playing styles have varied, but every opponent conducted himself honestly and professionally.
M. Grace
Member Since 03/29/12
Thank you for finding me some good players in this area.
J. Hao
Member Since 07/25/11
It's an excellent league and I'm happy to be a part of it. You do a great job of keeping it on track! Much, much better than anything the USTA offers.
J. Nelson
Member Since 06/07/11
Good people, flexible format. You can generally find a match whenever you want. The playoff format gives you some structure and incentive, but you can play as much or as little as you want.
A. Cooper
Member Since 09/10/09
Tennis DC is a perfect league for people who look for a flexible schedule but still like competitive matches. Great way to meet people of similar playing skills. Keep up the good work, I'm hooked! :)
M. Chromkova
Member Since 08/29/09
So happy that the TennisDC partner program found me a partner, and on about 10 hours' notice, too. :)
S. Urban
Member Since 05/17/09
Most flexible and easiest way to get out and play competitive tennis matches in the DC area. I enjoy the flex league with play-off format and the new tourney.
E. Declerck
Member Since 03/11/07
I would like to say a lot of thanks for organizing such an amazing league. I would rate Tennis DC as the best league throughout the United States.
A. Kazmi
Member Since 03/07/07
TennisDC, all I can say is thank you for making it happen. It's been great to face all types of playing styles. I will forward to more.
R. Suarez
Member Since 05/09/06
I enjoy playing TennisDC this season, after 3-year break. Players are pretty active and it's rather easy to get a match. Web-site also improved and user-friendly.
A. Belenki




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