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  • TypeTennis Racquet Stringing Service
  • Region No. VA - Arlington, Alexandria
  • WebsiteWeb Page
  • Phone Number2027169475
  • Admin NotesMy name is Smithy and if you are looking for a dependable and experienced Racquet Stringers/Technicians. I offer same day service with speed and quality. Most importantly USRSA MRT Certified Member (1 year of MRT Status)and prior USRSA CS Certified Stringer (4 years of CS Status) I want to give options for clients to interact with the stringing process that you don't get from big chain or local pro shop. Not because they are not good at what they do, but sometimes they do not have the time for every questions you may have and missing out on that personal relationship you have with your stringer. I use a constant pull electronic machine that is accurate and has consistent reading. I calibrate my machine often than recommended by USRSA. (20-25 string jobs) Basic Tennis Service Includes: 1. Check on frame for damages/cracks before strings are placed. 2. Check for damaged grommets/holes. 3. Clean the racquet from top to bottom. 4. String racquet at requested tension. 5. Reference Card with String

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